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Date Posted July 01, 2015
News Title A Note From The Superintendent's Desk
Posted By Mt. Olive Schools

Statement In Support of Senate Bill 1

For several years, as superintendents and educators, we've worked to fix the broken school funding formula that has devastated our schools and communities. We have spent countless hours talking to our partners and legislators about the solution to an adequate and fair funding system. SB1 is that solution and it will benefit every single district in Illinois.

Here are the facts. There is only one school funding bill poised to become law—Senate Bill 1. There is only one official analysis of SB1—and it’s conducted by the Illinois State Board of Education. No other bills have been passed out of both chambers. If ISBE has run additional analyses on Senate Bill 1, the public is unaware of it at this time.

We must not talk in theoretical, hypotheticals or financial modeling of bills that have not passed both chambers and awaiting the Governor’s signature. We must talk about the facts within the bill in front of us: SB1. Under this bill, funding is distributed equitably, no districts lose money, and all districts are treated the same. ISBE’s analysis also tells us our school districts gain $3,842,660 and that these funds will be distributed based on the unique needs of all students in Illinois.

More facts: Our districts need investment. We've cut and cut long enough—we need an investment from the state and we need it now. We cannot cut our way out of this problem. We have been and are still committed to no red numbers. Senate Bill 1 is based on new money. No students should lose money. “No red numbers” means “no red numbers” and “all students” means “all students”.

It's time for our elected leaders to base their votes on the district they represent!

Dr. Vic Buehler, Bunker Hill CUSD #8 – Increased revenue $199,727
Brad Skertich, Southwestern CUSD #9 – Increased revenue $296,416
Dr. David Lett, Pana CUSD #8 – Increased revenue $468,950
Dan Cox, Staunton CUSD #6 – Increased revenue $353,874
Dr. Greg Fuerstenau, Taylorville CUSD #3 – Increased revenue $314,210
Patrick Murphy, Mt. Olive CUSD #5 – Increased revenue $124,304
Joe Tieman, Gillespie CUSD #7 – Increased revenue $623,673
David Powell, Hillsboro CUSD #3 – Increase revenue $194,056
Dr. Doerr, Nokomis CUSD – Increased revenue $201,822
Gary Depatis, Morrisonville CUSD – Increased revenue $17,966
Dr. Schuchman, Carlinville, CUSD #1 – Increased revenue $258,843
Aaron Hopper, Panhandle CUSD #2 – Increased revenue $28,788

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